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Every 12 months, PC maker Razer offers one in every of CES’s enormous highlights by showcasing a variety of artistic concept gadgets. These have ranged from modular desktops to triple-screen laptops, and whereas most of these will not ever switch earlier the prototype stage, it’s nonetheless satisfying to see people contemplating innovatively about the best strategy to break free from typical designs.

This 12 months’s concept piece is named Project Linda (the company insists its code-names all have important which implies, nevertheless is not going to say exactly what that is). It’s a familiar-looking 13-inch laptop computer pc, in actuality it’s virtually just like the current Razer Blade Stealth ($1,289.00 at Amazon.com), one in every of our favorite slim 13-inch applications. But instead of a typical Intel-inside PC, that’s powered by the company’s private Razer Phone, an Android gadget with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 CPU (which makes it similar to the first wave of Snapdragon-powered laptops from HP, Lenovo and others).

But fairly than merely sticking a smartphone processor in a laptop computer pc, Project Linda targets to blur the street between phone and laptop computer pc design by integrating the 2 collectively. The laptop computer pc half has a giant, empty dock the place the touchpad would normally be. It’s exactly the right dimension to drop in a Razer Phone, the simply these days launched high-end 5.7 gadget that’s gotten superb opinions, significantly for its clear 120Hz show display.

From there, it is best to use the phone show display as a touchpad, or as a second show display (and sometimes every on the an identical time).

“Project Linda combines the best of both worlds,” acknowledged Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan, “bringing a larger screen and physical keyboard to the Android environment, enhancing the experience for gaming and productivity.”

The laptop computer pc itself has a full-size Razer Chroma keyboard, with the an identical multi-million-color set of backlighting selections, plus some keyboard construction tweaks particularly for Android. Like the Razer Blade Stealth it’s modeled on, it’s a unibody aluminum chassis, and Razer says it weighs just under three pounds, along with the phone. The 13.3-inch quad-HD present has the an identical extreme 120Hz refresh worth as a result of the Razer Phone.


While the Razer Phone offers the brains of the system, from the processor to the RAM to the working system and apps, there are a couple of extras constructed into the laptop computer pc dock. First is a 53.6Wh battery to boost the one inside the phone, and second is 200GB of further exterior storage. There’s moreover an assortment of anticipated laptop computer pc choices, like a 720p webcam, audio jack and USB-A and USB-C ports.

The “laptop dock for the phone” concept has been tried sooner than, principally unsuccessfully, nevertheless the time is also correct now, with additional extremely efficient telephones and a a lot larger variety of Android apps which could be significantly formatted for larger screens (which you’ll see in movement by way of models similar to the Samsung Dex or new Chromebooks with Google Play retailer assist).

Right now, Razer says the concept is locked to the Razer Phone significantly, nevertheless there isn’t any motive completely different smartphones couldn’t hypothetically be utilized within the an identical methodology, not lower than as long as they match into the touchpad slot on the wrist rest.

Of course, sooner than you get too excited, like practically all of Razer’s imaginative concepts, there’s not even a contact of when this can be that may be bought, or for a manner so much.



Laptop Ratings & Reviews

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